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Training Center

Orientation at LTC – 6:00 PM
October 21, 2021

Zoom Orientation – 9:00 AM
October 21, 2021

The Laborers Training Center (LTC) provides construction industry vocational training through a full range of classes and apprenticeship programs at its Lino Lakes, Minnesota, facility. The LTC offers continuing education programs for its 9500 participating union members who need to maintain their certifications, develop their skills, and stay abreast of new trends and technologies. The LTC strives to ensure safety and productivity among construction laborers through curricular offerings that cover every aspect of construction laborer training.

The LTC, which began offering continuing education programs in 1989, is operated by the non-profit Construction Laborer’s Training Fund. Since 1999, the LTC’s apprenticeship program has been part of the mandatory, state-regulated requirements for Construction Craft Laborers. Courses at the LTC are available year-round; however, training programs gain momentum during the off season, November through April, when construction projects slow down.

With a manageable enrollment capacity of 150 trainees per week, the LTC provides training in construction skills, environmental issues, and safety procedures. Class size is small enough to ensure that students receive plenty of personalized instruction, and hands-on training in the LTC’s state-of-the art facility.

The LTC offers a full range of skills improvement training and is recognized by the Lead Unit and Asbestos Abatement Unit of the Minnesota Department of Health, the EPA, and OSHA for its intensive high-quality training programs. The LTC seeks to offer a level of training unavailable to the average construction employee from vo-tech or trade schools due to time constraints and curricular requirements.

The LTC is associated with the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA), as well as the Associated General Contractors (AGC). A board of trustees provides oversight to the LTC with equal management and local representation.

Weekly Schedule of Training Classes
September 21, 2021 - October 31, 2021

Training CourseDateOff-site Location
Week of September 20, 2021
CPR / First Aid   (Evening)    Sep 22-23    
Excavation Confined Space    Sep 23    
CPR / First Aid    Sep 24    
Week of September 27, 2021
Blueprint Reading    Sep 27-Oct 01    
General Construction / Flagging / Pro-10    Sep 27-Oct 01    
Line & Grade    Sep 27-Oct 01    
Pipelaying 1    Sep 27-Oct 01    
Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA)    Sep 29-30   Rochester, Eagles Club
   Oct 01    
Asbestos Supervisor Refresher    Oct 01   Rochester, Eagles Club
Week of October 04, 2021
Asbestos Worker Initial    Oct 04-07    
General Construction / Flagging / Pro-10   (Evening)    Oct 04-14    
Asbestos Worker Refresher    Oct 08   Hudson, WI 54016, 1616 Crest View Dr - BW Hudson House
Mine Safety & Health Admin    Oct 09   Virginia, MN - 1097 Hall
Week of October 11, 2021
Concrete Practices / Insulated Forms    Oct 11-15    
Pipeline Technology / MnDOT Flagging    Oct 11-15    
Safety Week / OSHA 30 / CPR First Aid    Oct 11-15    
Week of October 18, 2021
General Construction / Flagging / Pro-10    Oct 18-22    
Hazardous Waste Initial    Oct 18-22    
Line & Grade    Oct 18-22   Bismarck, ND Local 563 ND, 2210 East Broadway Ave
Torch Cutting Demo Safety    Oct 18-19    
CPR / First Aid    Oct 20    
Rigging & Signaling Qualified - 24 Hr    Oct 20-22    
Hazardous Waste Refresher    Oct 21    
Intro to Union & Apprenticeship Program   (Evening)    Oct 21    
Intro to Union & Apprenticeship Program   (Evening)    Oct 21   Bismarck, ND Local 563 ND, 2210 East Broadway Ave
Intro to Union & Apprenticeship Program    Oct 21   Online Training
Asbestos Supervisor Refresher    Oct 22   Hudson, WI 54016, 1616 Crest View Dr - BW Hudson House
Excavation Confined Space    Oct 22    
Week of October 25, 2021
Blueprint Reading    Oct 25-29    
Heavy Highway Skills / MnDOT Flag    Oct 25-29    
Line & Grade    Oct 25-29    
Pipelaying 1    Oct 25-29    
Safety Week / OSHA 30 / CPR First Aid    Oct 25-29    
Asbestos Supervisor Refresher    Oct 29   Hudson, WI 54016, 1616 Crest View Dr - BW Hudson House


LIUNA Training
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GPS Training
GPS Training Offered at the
Laborers Training Center.
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For safety, all Trainees are required to wear work boots, work jeans and shirts with sleeves in order to participate in training.

2021 Training Brochure
View our 2021 training brochure to learn
about course offerings and training schedule.
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Don Shelby Service Award
Laborers Ride for Charity is the proud recipent of the 2013 Don Shelby Service Award!!!
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as a Construction Craft Laborer
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Dress Appropriately for Training
Wear work jeans, shirt with sleeves & work boots. No shorts, sweat pants, tennis shoes or sandals. Dress for in & outdoor activities. Hard hat & safety glasses are provided. For safety trainees are not permitted to train if not dressed appropriately.

Anyone entering the LTC
must wear a mask at all times!

Registration Requirement
You must call LTC to register or cancel a class.

Online Training
Contact LTC for Online Training.

The Laborers Training Center Is
currently accepting applications
for a Training Instructor with a
background in Sewer & Water / Line & Grade Experience.

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