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Training Center

Our Mission and Vision

The LTC Mission

To provide our affiliated union members and signatory contractors
with products and services that are designed to improve the working skills,
create a safer work environment, and enhance the competitive position
for our union members and signatory employers.

The LTC Vision

  • To be regionally recognized as a leader in the development and facilitation of worker training for the Construction Laborers Industry.
  • To develop and implement training programs that create career path choices for our apprentice and journey worker members as professionally skilled laborers, which ensures a training schedule that meets our membership needs.
  • To continually monitor industry standards to ensure programs are consistent with industry and technology changes, and will make union laborers the best choice for resources, for signatory contractors in a highly competitive marketplace.
  • To develop and maintain the highest quality professional and technical training staff through continuing education and employee development programs.
  • To maintain a high level learning experience for all students that creates a feeling of value for the members and its signatory employers, and drives members to want to continue to take classes, not because they have to, but because they want to.



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