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Director of Training & Apprenticeship — Dean Mills
  Training Coordinator Senior Administrator Apprenticeship Coordinator Maintenance
  Chris Bibeau Lori Phelps Gary Larsen Rick Wagner
  Instructors Administration Staff Logo   LiunaLogo
  Colleen Bibeau Michael Knowles – Accounting
  Thomas Bjorgum Danielle Loehlein—Training
  Andrew Hanke Rebekah Banks—Apprenticeship
  Adam Hutchens Tasha Pitra—Apprenticeship
  Jeremy Johnson  
Matt Johnson The Construction Laborers Training Center staff is committed to providing our affiliated union members and signatory contractors with services that are designed to improve working skills, create a safer work environment, and enhance the competitive position for our union members and signatory employers. Our goal is to develop and implement training programs and maintain a high level learning experience for all students that creates a feeling of value for the members and its signatory employers, and drives members to want to continue to take classes, not because they have to, but because they want to. The training center maintains the highest quality professional and technical staff through continuing education and employee development programs. As a result our staff and facility is regionally recognized as a leader in the development and facilitation of worker training for the construction industry.
Darrell Jones
Curtis Kulzer
Dallas Nustvold
Bobby Vasquez

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